Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Snapping into two

Why did the mother killed her own two kids?
This happened in Sungei Petani a town in Kedah.
There are many reasons but one which the authorities love to use is mentally unsound to close the case.
Many things are happening in Malaysia which no authorities are interested to know.
Today we live in a nation where no-one listens or wishes to help, unless there is publicity to promote oneself.
One of the main problem in a situation like this is about money.
Lack of money happens in every household.
I know of a billionaire who neglected his own family forcing them to live in poverty.
So too are friends because of sickness, bankruptcy etc became poor.
So do not think for a second that you will have money throughout your life.
Second comes slavery.  Yes you think slavery does not happen in a marriage.
Today women are consider low class, used goods or old shoes.
Once women get married their duty is to serve the husband like king.
How many of you have husband who helps to look after the kids?
How many of you have husband who behave like a baby at home but macho in public?
How many of you have husband who takes care of you when you are sick?
How many of you have to look after your husband's parents like God?
How many of you have husband who insist on having dozen of kids so that you cannot leave the house to have your own time?
How many of you have husband who pays the bills at home?
Today more and more husbands are also in the reverse role because the wives are bringing in the dough for the family.
Everyone needs their own time and space, but when a spouse is never home the burden of looking and taking care of everything in a family falls into one person.
When you have two active kids and old folks at home without help, financial means and friends there are many occasions one snaps.  If at the time it snap, it turns ugly then your destiny is change forever.

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