Friday, December 11, 2015

Did Najis win hands down?

Certain people are praising that Najis did a wonderful job bringing his mentor and enemy number 1 down in one strike. To me that is Kutty's karma and he deserves it.
But that does not mean I support Najis.
I believe what is coming round the corner is also what Najis and Rosmah deserve for all the bad things they have done.
At the recent event in PWTC many did not notice that every time Najis opened his mouth at the UMNO Assembly it rain like dogs and cats but the pouring stops immediately he finishes his speech.
I believe in Karma and next year Najis will definitely not be able to win against Allah.
Someone recently admitted that she now realizes that all the money in the world could not find a cure for her son.
Not only does money cannot find a cure it also cannot help you to avoid your karma.
But does people like Najis and Rosmah know that?
When you tell your special squad to kill and murder your enemies karma must be played to the fullest before your cold body touches the ground.
To the people who insist Najis did a wonderful job stealing the Rakyat's money, 2016 will be most interesting and many Malays will suffer greatly.
2016 will also bury the same people who played a role in helping and sweeping clean Rosmah and Najis's shit.
A reminder to Shahrizat and her family KARMA is at your doorstep.
2015 is Kutty's karma.
2016 will be Najis and Rosmah's karma.
2016 is also the year for mourning where one needs a dozen of black clothing to parade.

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