Thursday, December 3, 2015

Biggest Coward from Malaysia hiding again
Like so many Malaysians I never believe when certain people says the Prime Minister will reveal all regarding 1MDB in Parliament.
Najis everyone knows is the biggest coward man on the planet earth. Not only is he a coward but a criminal who hides behind money and misuses his position to the fullest.
Today headlines in the Sun - Action against 24.
Yes action will be taken against 24 mosquitoes but what about the ones in the Cabinet and the Prime Minister and his whore.  Why does PDRM, MACC, AG and even Royal Household keep ignoring the crimes committed by these crooks? Yes, money is Allah.
There is rumour that Malaysia is now run by the under world and Najis and Rosmah are allowed to do what they like provided black market business is protected.
The National Security Council Law will be pass and this time not only will 1MDB be cover up completely but the stealing from the Rakyat will be bigger.
Rosmah has a dream to be the first Trillionaire on the planet earth and the underworld is ready to help.

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