Monday, December 21, 2015

Another temperature rising
What happened in Kota Raya should never have happened if Racist Malay in UMNO did not control PDRM and Malaysia.
Today the Racist Malay are taking full advantage because they are protected from prosecution.

The two Red Shirt Gangster should have gone to stay with Anwar in Sungei Buloh but thanks to Misai Man, these two are out in the street destroying the peace in Kuala Lumpur.
Today these two are busy planning which other outlet to assault and rob Chinese Traders in Kuala Lumpur next and it should be Petaling Street next month.
The big plan is to drive the Chinese Traders out from doing handphone business so that the racist outlet in Mara building can be a success.
But the trouble is the Malay traders are the ones who also cheat big time.
But that is for another time.
So the claim by a so-called buyer that he wanted to buy four (4) Samsung phone for RM800 but was forced to coughed up RM12,000.  But is that the TRUTH.
Had the police done a proper investigation then the Malay fella who make the police report should be charge in court for lying and causing unrest among Malaysians.
How much would it cost you to buy just one of this?

So can you purchase four of these for RM800.
I know UMNO is giving 6 months free rental and renovation but Bapa punya kedai cannot sell you 4 Samsun Galaxy S5 for RM800.
Unless you suck Najis cock then everything is FREE.

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