Thursday, November 26, 2015

No surprise when you owe money to Ah Long
It comes as no surprise to the public that Richard Morais is working hand in hand with the underworld in Malaysia and not only in Kuala Lumpur.
Richard Morais and his wife used to run a business selling piano but got involved in the pyramid scam.
Since then both Richard Morais and his wife turned to gambling hoping to recover their losses.
It was once reported that they were into human trafficking and selling drug too.
So it comes as no surprise that a certain Datuk close to Rosmah settled his debts of RM5 million recently and now Richard Morais's wife is back to her old bitchy self.


flyer168 said...

"No surprise when you owe money to Ah Long"

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rajakris said...

Yes clear the old scars and renew the body but the soul remains scarred.

Tommy Thomas safeguarded his principle

Big Thank You to Tommy Thomas for your service. It is not everyday Malaysia gets an AG that holds his principle like gold. It is said...