Saturday, November 28, 2015

I MDB support from the underworld

PRESS STATEMENT - For Immediate Release
Pressoffice Najadi & Partners, November 25th 2015, 
Moscow, Russian Federation.
by Anastasia Suvorova, Press Officer
"Recent news about Kevin Morais being reportedly summoned by IGP Khalid Abu Bakar in September 2013 because of the Najadi Assassination would make perfect sense to us." says Pascal Najadi during a phone conversation from Moscow, Russia. "This because his brother Datuk Richard Morais was the counterpart of a meeting with my late father that was called for out of schedule on the morning of that fatal black Monday of July 29th 2013.
And according to all witnesses present during those moments the assassin Kong Swee Kwan was already waiting for my late father at the temple.
Who has guided the assassin to the temple to be there before my father arrived? Serious questions need to be answered.
Why do the AG and the Police close this most prominent assassination case without pursuing the motive, Lim Yuen Soo?
How come the mastermind Lim Yuen Soo qualified for INTERPOL Red Notice and now has been put into total liberty without charges?
How come the Malaysian Police previously back in fall of 2013 stated that Lim Yuen Soo was the client of the Assassin Kong Swee Kwan for RM 20'000 in cash for the Assassination?
How come the AG and the Police can claim the case solved when there are now new elements around the brutal murder of Kevin Morais offering possible links to the Najadi Assassination.
As the survivors we demand a full investigation done in a proper way and according to the international standards of criminal investigation. We are lead to believe here that there is a massive government cover up and this is certainly not in the interest of Malaysia as a modern nation.
We are shocked. We condemn and protest those shortcomings that in our opinion are Grossly Negligent in the strongest terms!"
Anastasia Suvorova
Press Officer
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