Thursday, October 1, 2015

Everything free for certain class of people
Imagine when your son gets marry many sponsors jump in to donate for your cause.
Businessmen love politicians very much because by paying for the latter's expenses one sure to get big returns.
So time and again when politicians and ex-ex-you know I know who-lah children get marry everything is FREE-Mah.
It does not matter that wedding or birth of grand child or birthday or funeral every occasion must be lavish to show off.
For the past 7 years everything that calls for celebration is by the millions.
In the olden days RM100 can belanja the whole kampung to celebrate with you.
Today RM100 is given only to the Malays in the kampung to come to Kuala Lumpur to put on Red Shirt.

A screenshot of the blog post by Shahbudin Husin on September 20, 2015, questioning the deputy prime minister's trip to Indonesia. The Umno blogger was grilled by Malaysia's cyber authority under Section 233 of the Multimedia and Communications Act 1998. – The Malaysian Insider pic, September 30, 2015.

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flyer168 said...

"Everything free for certain class of people"

Yes indeed, Bolehland's cheapskate cabinet...!

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September 29, 2015 - ZAHID TOO GETS 'EMPEROR' SYNDROME: Umno man grilled by MCMC for questioning DPM's Indonesia trip -

You be the judge.

Hold your horses till after Hari Raya

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