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Najis and Rosmah Wayang Kulit has begun

The Prime Minister and his DPM are moved that so many people turned up after paying RM100 pocket money, free transport, free Tee-shirts and free meals (had Low Yat opened its stores I am sure many Melayu would have got free Iphone too.) I further believe that had UMNO paid ten times more maybe the crowd could have match the recent Bersih of 500,000.  Sad to say the Prime Minister boast of 1 million supporters for him will never come true in his life time.
The Red Rally were racist in every way and there were ample proof.  But to people like Najis it is okay as long as they are his supporters, otherwise he would have his body guards C4 them.
Rubbish were thrown everywhere and field, pavements and drains were the Red Shirt toilets.  They did their business knowing DBKL is generous enough to clean up without demanding for payment. At the latest count there were 10 tons of rubbish.

Bersih had all races in the rally.
Red Shirt had only 1 race and the Prime Minister is so proud of the troubled it cause and being show case to the world.
How Najib Has Sponsored Malaysia's "Blood Shirts"

How Najib Has Sponsored Malaysia's "Blood Shirts"

16 SEP 2015

How organisers have rallied their supporters on social media. Why no condemnation from the PM?
How organisers have rallied their supporters on social media. Why no condemnation from the PM?
It has already been widely observed that the organisation of today’s pro-Najib ‘Red Shirt’ march clearly betrays the tell-tale fingerprints of the Prime Minister and his ruling UMNO party, of which he is Chairman.
Sarawak Report has now acquired further evidence that this supposedly ‘independent’ “NGO’ rally has been closely orchestrated and paid for by the Prime Minister himself, in order to display a similar show of apparent street support as the Berish anti-corruption movement.
It means that if the increasingly aggressive and racist tone of this rally were to spill over into much feared violence against innocent people in K.L the blame must lie entirely at the door of this discredited Prime Minister.
Najib himself has carefully flown out of town on the eve of this event, but given the evidence of his involvement, he cannot distance himself from responsibility for any ill behaviour or violence in his absence in the eyes of Malaysia and the world.
Najib and march co-organiser Ali Tinju
Najib and march co-organiser Ali Tinju
Lists of UMNO party members, who have been rounded up from each of the country’s region in order to attend the Red Shirt event, have already circulated in the media and online.
It is a well known practice that such rent-a-crowds are traditionally paid for by the ruling party, whose deep pockets (and those of the PM himself) were a target of criticism by the anti-corruption demonstrators.
Sarawak Report now has hard evidence of such payments with a copy of a letter sent from the Majlis organised Youth Council in Dungun, Terengganu to its members.
This letter was forwarded along with an added angry comment by one recipient that the RM100 being offered to the attendees is shoddy payment !
It means that many of these drummed up ‘supporters’ are disenchanted with their allowance for the disturbance of the day, betraying a noticeable lack of commitment or enthusiasm for the cause in hand, compared to those who marched for free a fortnight ago.
Marchers obviously expect more than RM100 for taking part!
Marchers obviously expect more than RM100 for taking part!
The comment about the free T-shirt is telling, given that the organisers have claimed that the wearers have bought theirs like the Bersih marchers.  These people are also being offered transport.
However, the RM100 payment seems not to be accompanied by makan, which they regard as insufficient incentive to turn out!
Threatening displays in KL over the weekend by gangs of bikers all in paid for red shirts
Threatening displays in KL over the weekend by gangs of bikers all in paid for red shirts
Likewise, Felda organised farmers are showing their own disenchantment with being brought in as fodder to swell up numbers for Najib’s put up show of popular support.
Statements have been issued enquiring as to why twenty thousand of these rural folk are being suddenly shipped into KL, coincidentally on the very same day, supposedly to show support for some ill-defined farmers’ business?
Will red shirts be donated free on arrival at the bus bound for KL?  Of course they will. Who does this government think they are hoodwinking?
Aggressive symbols are OK in red - imagine if the had been in yellow...
Aggressive symbols are OK in red – imagine if the had been in yellow…

Najib wrote Yunos a RM3 million cheque

However, far more serious has been the well-reported encouragement of racist and Malay supremacist groups within this movement, which is in fact being orchestrated by the known racist and trouble-maker the army veteran head Mohd Ali Baharom, known as Ali Tinju (Boxer Ali) together with the UMNO businessman Jamal Yunos, who is the party’s Sungai Besar, Selangor Division Chief.
Ali Tinju (left) and Jamal Yunis (right)
Ali Tinju (left) and Jamal Yunos (right) are the key organisers and link to Najib behind this rally
Both have close associations socially and politically with Najib and are known amongst insiders to be canny operators, who have developed a flourishing business in the rounding up of crowds to support the Prime Minister.
“This is just a business opportunity for this UMNO businessman” one connected UMNO person told Sarawak Report. “Yunos asked Najib for RM5 million to organise the planned counter-march of 30,000 people against Bersih, but the PM only signed a cheque for RM3 million at that time.  Of course, it got called off.  They must have been laughing, but now maybe they were given more money”
Jamal Yunos with Najib Razak. UMNO insiders say the PM signed him and his co-leader a cheque for RM3 million to organise the Red Shirts
Jamal Yunos (centre) wearing a grovelling I Love PM T-shirt with Najib Razak. UMNO insiders say the PM signed him and his co-leader a cheque for RM3 million to organise the Red Shirts

Fast track immigrant worker permit for Yunos!

But even if Yunos did not receive over and above the RM3 million to pay for his marchers (hence the mere RM100 per head in Terangganu?) Sarawak Report has evidence that this businessman has received other recent sweeteners and incentives in return for his ‘loyal actions’ towards Najib.
Servant to 'First Couple'?
Co-organiser Ali Tinju bows to his boss’s wife Rosmah – he has by all accounts been a well-paid wervant to ‘First Couple’
Sarawak Report has received documents which show how a company controlled by this politician cum businessman has received a fast track permit organised by the Home Minister and new Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi in order to import immigrant Bangladeshi workers on a monthly salary of RM3,000.
Me and my luxury car authorised dealership
Me and my luxury car authorised dealership
The authorisation can be specifically seen to have been fast-tracked in order to be granted to what UMNO insiders refer to as his proxy recruitment company Banyan Star Resources in advance of tomorrow’s Red Shirt march.
The Home Minister has indicated that the government will be allowing up to 1.5 million workers to come into the country in coming years, meaning that a licence such as this could be hugely valuable.
Yunos has already benefitted from a highly sought after licence to import luxury cars, which he enjoys being photographed standing next to – however the trade in humans is likely to be even more lucrative.
Request was sent 25th August by Dato Jamal Yunis and fast tracked by the Home Ministry through immigration
Request was sent 17th August by Dato Jamal Yunos and fast tracked by the Home Ministry through immigration
The letter, shown above, reveals that a “special request” was sent on 17th August for “special approval” for Banyan Star Resources, which insiders say is controlled by Yunos, to bring semi-skilled immigrant workers from Bangladesh (pay RM3,000 per month).
It also shows that the request was approved like lightening on 25th August by the Home Ministry.
Car importer licence holder and businessman Yunis knows how to cut a deal
From Red Shirt to smart suit. Luxury foreign car licence holder and all round businessman cum politician, Jamal Yunis knows how to cut a deal
The matter was then forwarded to the Director of Immigration Mustapha Haji Ibrahim in the form of a letter, implying that a meeting chaired by Home Minister Zahid had approved the request (according to minutes) and a reply was required from immigration before 8th September.
A handwritten note on the letter the very next day on 26th August, stamped by the Director of Immigration, asks his minions to “please expedite the request in line with the minutes by the Deputy PM, to be approved within 5 working days”.
So, this is evidence that if you organise a march for the PM special treatment can be expected to be pleasantly forthcoming – in advance of the event, as requested!
These leaked documents all add to a wealth of documentation which shows that Najib has been up to his neck in condoning and encouraging the Red Shirt marchers.
No surprise then that this mob rally has been given its own fast track treatment when it comes to permission and official support.
Whilst Bersih, an entirely peaceful gathering of anti-corruption protestors, was ruled illegal by the police and powers that be, in a staggering display of double-standards these Red Shirts, who have brandished weaponry and martial training and spouted violent hatred towards minorities and non-Muslims, are being welcomed to bring their promised rampage onto the streets of KL instead.
Martial displays
Martial displays
These Red Shirts have reportedly joined with the biker group ‘Mat Rempit’, who are known for aggressive trouble making and ‘Malay only’ behaviour and the gangs have started riding round town wearing the red t-shirt emblem.
Even the Prime Minister’s own brother felt motivated to deplore the encouragement of such forces last week.
However, Najib has made clear he is willing to take the ultimate risk against the peaceful co-existence of his people by allowing and indeed incentivising and paying these extremists to whip up hatred and intolerance, merely in order to rally support for his own position and his flagging party.
If things go horribly wrong, as they did for example under his own father in 1969, then Najib will have to take the blame for such folly and his encouragement of thugs:
“We support non-violence and no provocation but if it happens, it happens. We will take care of our 300,000 friends. If the DAP Chinese want to do provocation, I will instruct my boys to stand against them. I’m confident the cops alone could not handle the clashes.
“20,000 will arrive tonight. I don’t want to hear what the police said. This is our right,” [Ali Tinju speaking on the eve of the rally last night – Malaysiakini]
UMNO communacations man comes to declare his support for 'peaceful assembly' by the Red Shirts, having condemned Bersih..
Most expensive Red Shirt recruit – UMNO communacations man Ahmad Maslan comes to declare his support for ‘peaceful assembly’ by the Red Shirts, having condemned Bersih.. SR revealed that Najib gave him a RM2 million cheque!

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