Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clean Flood Water

Pictures showing how clean flood waters brought by Tropical Storm Etau in Japan amazed many Asian netizens.
Japanese flood waters_1
Flooded subway in Japan (Photo from weibo)
When images of a flooded subway in the eastern Japan city of Hamamatsu surfaced online, Chinese web users were shocked not because of the damage the floods have caused—but by how the flood waters can be this clean. The pictures were posted on the Chinese social media site, Weibo.
Japanese flood waters_2
Commuters walking through the flood waters (Photo from weibo)
They were all in disbelief. Some Chinese netizens even insisted that the pictures might have been photoshopped. Half of China’s swimming pools have been tested to have high levels of urine. That makes Japan’s flood waters even cleaner than most of China’s swimming pools.Japanese flood waters_3
Flooded subway in Japan (Photo from weibo)
Flood waters in China and many parts of Asia can be really dangerous. There are bacteria in the water than can be fatally dangerous to people. Flood waters in some Asian countries are murky and full of garbage. This just goes to show how the Japanese can be well-disciplined. Many Asian countries envy this kind of cleanliness.
Japanese flood waters_4
Flooded subway in Japan (Photo from weibo)
Japan should be an example to other countries.

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