Monday, August 24, 2015

To all Malaysians

From Ambiga
We have to fix this nation for the next generation. We cannot hand them a broken nation
There is no change in the usual anti-Bersih rhetoric. “It is anti-government, it will ruin businesses, it will cause chaos.”
Pictures of (Bersih chairperson) Maria (Chin Abdullah) are being defiled. They have simply run out of ideas, and no one is really listening to them.
Judging by the thousands of t-shirts being sold every day, Bersih 4 is set to see a massive turn out. Why? Because people are sick to death of the dishonest governance of our beautiful nation.
And it is time our leaders know they are not fooling us with their ridiculous responses.
It is time they know that they have crossed all bounds of decency and that they have hurt the nation and its people. It is also time they realise just how much we, the rakyat, love this country.
They have all the power, yes. They want to hang onto it, yes. But we have the power of truth.
We have to fix this nation for the next generation. We cannot hand them a broken nation with a debt that they have to pay for the rest of their lives. We need to hand them a nation that is built on the fundamentals of strong institutions, with honest leaders.
An empowerment
So I would say to the police and other enforcement officers - by all means do your duty, but be fair. We are the rakyat, not your enemies.
In fact, we are fighting for your children’s future too. Would you not want a Malaysia where our democracy is strong, and where there is a fair distribution of wealth?
We will gather peacefully on the 29th and 30th. That is our right. When you see us, remember that we are there because we love our country.
To our leaders I say, you have no idea what it is like to walk with the rakyat. It is empowering.
You should come, if only to reconnect with us and see how we feel. You may not agree with all our demands but you will show that you nevertheless respect our right to Read this poem by Nib Mihar. Very interesting indeed.
Let us look back over the years
All the agony, all the tears
In this land of ours
The scandals which were enormous
The Bumiputera Malaysia Finance
The scandal that got out of hands
Billions lost at our expense
When loans were given to friends
Jalil Ibrahim was murdered
He knew too much it was rumoured
His body was discovered
But the truth remained covert
Two dollar Maminco was created
To control tin price it was intended
Still the tin price went absurd
Billions lost was never expected
Bank Negara Malaysia made a loss
Played Forex like George Soros
RM30 billion were lost
All at taxpayers cost
Perwaja came to the fore
Industrialization was the core
Losses made but still they want more
Our money to save the iron ore
Crony Eric Chia appointed to rescue
To make profits that was overdue
But it became more 'haru biru'
RM10b lost our money too
Then we have Petronas
To save our country's ass
Konsortium Perkapalan losses amassed
Whose company, make a guess
Paid out by the billions
As instructed by those lions
We became servile minions
Even if we lost trillions
MAS shares at eight ringgit
Were sold to a so called pundit
At less than half the price of it
Tajudin Ramli the name of the culprit
MAS got worse
And it burst
As usual, bail out we must
To save it from further rust
Now we have PKFZ
Another money making target
By those idiots who set
To make as much as they can get
Then came the NFC
RM250 million paid to a Minister's family
Agreement not signed but paid already
The intention to buy cows overseas
Taxpayers money were used
To purchase condominiums we are not amused
That was really an abuse
Don't make it an excuse
They say this is the mother of all scandals
1MDB created by those rascals
Should we throw at them our sandals
To show disgust at how they handle
Tabung Haji meant to rescue
Do you think they have a clue?
Under instruction, it is true
From you know who
But what have we done?
Just sitting under the sun
All these scandals one by one
We still elect them to run
Then why complain
About the rain
And the pain
We are not going to gain
Our anger all in vain
Because we select them again
Again and again
..just keep forwarding the poem...until the whole lot realised and activate their brains if any....!!!!!! and speak.
To everyone else, see you at Bersih 4!
AMBIGA SREENEVASAN is the former co-chairperson of Bersih and former president of the Malaysian Bar.

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