Wednesday, August 12, 2015

There is no conflict when buddies get together to plot
Interesting article by Art Harun.
In Malaysia it is WHO YOU KNOW AND MAKE USE OF that plays a very important part in our society and business.
One can get away with murder too.
Many times and cases have proven that real criminals were never locked, beaten, killed or charged in court by our AG, MACC and PDRM.  Instead these criminals are given the green light to sue, belittle the whistleblowers with defamation and travel overseas for holiday.
One good example is Salleh and his children in the NFC scandal.
He is free as a bird travelling here and there, got plenty of money to sue and even can go inside the Audit Department and AG Department to advice the officers there how to handle his case in court and sometimes the officers from Audit Department and AG Department got to kow tow to Salleh at his office to give him the latest news regarding NFC. Salleh's children were never questioned or charged instead there is great understanding that they MUST BE LET GO FREE.
Salleh wanted to sue Public Bank for exposing his bank statement instead there is great understanding that the former daughter is given a high position in the bank. Today the daughter has more say in Public Bank than the founder who recently passed away.
Rosmah and the Queen are buddies from similar background and common interest.  SO DO YOU THINK THE KING GOT A CHOICE?

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