Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Najis striked Jackpot in the August 2014 Toto Draw

In August 2014 alone Najis signed RM3.5 million with his Visa and MasterCard from CIMB and Maybank for his holiday.
So did another brotherly Arab paid for his spending or did he sneak out abit of the donation he received earlier?
So will PDRM, MACC, AG and Bank Negara investigate this or will there be another Kangkung excuse that the Malays love to spin.
Since the fucking UMNO leaders are forever waiting for the foreign advisers to cover their shit holes, maybe I can help.
Spin the story that Najis striked Jackpot in the Toto Draw with the grace of Vincent Tan Abdullah.
This also can help explain where Rosmah got her RM1,200 for a wig wash.

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