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MALAYS MOCK NAJIB 'BANGSAT BETUL': So funny when Saudi doesn't know they donated USD700 mil to you!

Written by OutSyed The Box
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MALAYS MOCK NAJIB 'BANGSAT BETUL': So funny when Saudi doesn't know they donated USD700 mil to you!
Switzerland could turn the scales in 1MDB scam
- a lot going on behind the scenes.
- Swiss regulator FINMA will check banks business with 1MDB
- whether fishy transactions were involved.
- “We are contact with several banks in this matter,” FINMA said
Banks involved
four Swiss banks known to have dealt with 1MDB
- Falcon Private Bank, subsidiary of Aabar investment
- BSI through their Singapore branche
- JP Morgan (Swiss) house bank of PetroSaudi
- Zurich-based bank Coutts & Co.
Accounts frozen

-at least “half a dozen” Swiss banks under scrutiny
- have been ordered to block accounts during investigations.
- Swiss AG opened criminal proceedings against two entities of 1MDB
will investigate Swiss banks and businesses over their role in scandal
- money laundering, financial offenses, filed by Bruno Manser Fund
- call on Swiss authorities to investigate legal compliance of Singapore subsidiaries of Swiss banks Falcon Private Bank and BSI with Swiss banking laws.
- Swiss banks forbidden from money laundering, corruption anywhere
Justo's info
Particularly helpful is data, account details, payment receipts by Xavier Justo
- information made it to whistleblowers, Khairuddin Abu Hassan of UMNO
- Khairuddin submitted documents to Swiss AG's Chambers in Bern
- Khairuddin lodged police report with French police last month against 1MDB
- one with UK police on August 21.
Dubious donation
- 1MDB case, whereabouts of $1.8bn of its funds are unknown.
- probe found $680m (in) private bank account of Najib Razak
- who claimed money was “donor” from Saudi Arabia
- appreciation for “championing Islam” and fighting ISIS.
Middle East uneasy with Najib's wild claims
unease is growing in the Middle East over the issue.
- Saudi government is reportedly not amused about making headlines in the 1MDB case
- at Falcon Private Bank’s parent, Aabar Investment, two top executives, Chairman Khadem al Qubassi and CEO Mohamed al Husseiny, have been shown the door.
My comments : So even the Saudis are not amused that their name has been dragged into this 1MDB scandal without their knowledge.
I mean if they did donate that RM2.6 Billion (US$680 Million) to Najib Razak's personal, private bank account to fight ISIS then they should be proud to announce it.
Instead the Saudis 'are not amused'.
Why? Because the Saudis did no such thing. Here is some news about Saudi Arabia :
The Saudis gave US100 Million to the United Nations to fight terrorism. Only US$100 million.
And we are expected to believe that Saudi Arabia gave Najib Razak (paid into his private bank account) US680 Million (RM2.6b) to fight ISIS here in Malaysia ??
And now tukar cerita pula. The arab donor was from Qatar !! Pula.
I say kawan, Saudi Arabia could only afford to give US$100 million to the UN to fight terrorism. I dont think Qatar could afford to give US$100 million to the UN for anything.
So mana Qatar nak pi cari duit US680m to give to Najib ? And what for?
- Najib got the US$680 million in early 2013.
- ISIS did not appear until later in 2013.
- ISIS declared their Caliphate in 2014.
- Nak tipu pun tak tahu. Bangang betul.
Anyway here are the contact details of the Saudi Embassy here in KL:
Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th Floor, Wisma Chinese Chamber of Commerce
No. 258, Jalan Ampang
P.O. Box 12002
50450 Kuala Lumpur
TELEPHONE(+60) 3 4257 9433
(+60) 3 4257 9825
FAX(+60) 3 4257 8751
HEAD OF MISSION Mr Fahad A.H. Al-Rashid, Ambassador
Can the Media folks call the Saudis and ask them 'Did your gomen or your King pay US$680 million to Najib Razak's personal bank account to help him fight ISIS and terrorism?
Pi tanya lah. See what they say. -  http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/

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