Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Big Con Job at Aeon Big, Bukit Rimau

Kena conned by this con man/shop/stall. It started with a survey and coupon, then they asked for my credit card to check the points. Thinking there's no harm checking points, I handed my card and! next thing I know, two SMSes came in saying that two transactions were made to my credit card (amounting to RM6K+). When I called HSBC, to my surprise, the agent told me after the two transactions, another transaction (RM200+) went through as well. The shop even tried to swipe another two more transactions (total RM3K+) but by then HSBC has blocked my card! The bank agent gave me some approval codes to go back to the shop for refund. So I made a scene there. They first claimed that is how point redemption works- you see the amount there and it will not show in your statement after 3 days. But I did not even authorise a redemption! Then they twisted and said it was a mistake done by a new staff. When I threatened to call the police, they finally voided the transactions. According to the next stall, this thing happens at the same shop every single day. And right after I made an ugly scene there, they cleared everything and shut down the shop! (See pictures below)
Gentle reminder: Do not give out your credit card unless you're buying from a legitimate seller/ merchant.
Wendy Tong

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