Thursday, August 20, 2015

A small minded person by the name of Dr Yusuf Moktar

Dr Yusuf Moktar is Dr Walter Palmer of Malaysia, He took out his revolver in a public area where there are civilians n joggers around n shot at the wild boars who were in their own habitat.....there are witnesses to this incident, am wondering why he is still walking around freely. Police report has been made but apparently we need a video to prove him wrong. How many times do U see a revolver being drawn in a public area n used against innocent animals for U to be ready with a camera to filmed it.....are we really in Malaysia? This happened in TMN TAR in a residential area of Ampang....he said, he wants to remove all the animals in that area, they don't belong there! 'I WILL POISON THEM, ALL OF THEM! Operasi is going on up there rite now as U read this, 160 monkeys have been removed over the period of 1 month. Won't U be upsetting the Eco system of the jungle when U remove that huge number of monkies to be re- located? Did U really re-locate them? Or follow orders of DR Yusuf Moktar?
Farhanah BamadhajDr

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