Thursday, July 2, 2015

You are wrong Guan Eng
I want to remind DAP especially LGE that my relatives and friends voted for the Pakatan Government not once but twice.  Just because you have been the Chief Minister for two terms you think you are so bloody good.
You think you are not corrupted.
You think the Rakyat does not know about your secret funds.
You think only you can work with UMNO and PASMA in Penang.
You think that you are the only one who can lead Penang.
You think all the Malays are fools.
For your information you are there because of people like my relatives and friends.
You are nothing.
There are only two kinds of Malays acceptable by the Rakyat.  UMNO Malay or PAS Malay.
PKR Malays are clone of UMNO. DAP Malays are still puppies.  So don't think you are ahead of the game.  You are in for a bigger surprise for your stupid folly.
Today you are very arrogant because you think without you there is no progress or development in Penang.
Well I have good news for you, come next election my relatives and friends will NOT VOTE FOR PAKATAN.
Whether this will be your last term depends on whether your father dies this year or not.  If he is alive come 14th GE, DAP will lose more seats.  So let us see whether you can work without PAS.

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