Friday, July 3, 2015

Letting a criminal walk free

In Malaysia we have so many sick laws.
Laws only apply to the Rakyat and not real criminals.
An IGP who does nothing but protect such criminal is bad for any country.
While investigation is on going in Australia regarding Mara top guns, our beloved IGP without investigation has proclaimed NO EVIDENCE TO SUCH CRIME.  So what he meant was IT IS OKAY TO CHEAT SINCE IT INVOLVED UMNO ELITES.
Another case is the crazy greedy criminal by the name of Salleh.
Salleh who?  The husband of Mother Cow.
In Malaysia when you belong to the elite group CBT is not a crime but a form of gift from the Rakyat
So now we see a trend that is permanent, that once you are THEIR OWN KIND nothing you do is wrong. In fact the PDRM, MACC and AG are there to cover your wrongdoing.
While the court is fast and fury in getting Shamsubahrin, why is the case against Salleh still under KIV?

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