Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hunt for Mastermind Killer Mr. Lim Yuen Soo

Dear Malaysian Citizens, Netizens, dear International Observers, dear Members of the Press & Media, dear Friends,
We have received information from a well informed Malaysian source that the Mastermind Killer Mr. Lim Yuen Soo is travelling in and out of Malaysia frequently using a new identity and a PRC Passport document.
We furthermore secured information that Mr. Lim Yuen Soo indeed is well known to the wife of a Senior UMNO Politician according to the source.."they know each other well, they met regularly for tea and chats...".
We are also informed from a reliable Malaysian conduit that the syndicates all categorically deny having anything to do with the assassination of my late father Hussain Najadi.
The Email address security@najadi.ru via our servers in Moscow, Russian Federation is available for those who can share material information about the mastermind killer Mr. Lim Yuen Soo, former Melaka Tengah police chief Mr. Mohd Khasni Mohd Nor and or Mr. Ismail Mohd Noh and or their Malaysian Security Company Active Force Security Services Sdn Bhd. We treat all identity of informants as SECRET.
Please repost, share and tweet as high and wide as you can, do not get intimidated by Najjib & Co, they are nervous now. You ALL Malaysians are the sovereign.
The plot thickens.
More tomorrow.
Thank you all for your continued in great numbers amazing and invaluable support.
Good night and Good luck.
Sincerely yours,
Pascal Najadi

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