Thursday, July 16, 2015

Capricious Celebration

Tomorrow is Hari Raya.
Since Najis the Jinx sat on the Premier Seat, Malaysians have been going through tribulation because of his wrongful doings with Rosmah and past Prime Ministers especially his father Tun Razak.
The blood in the hands of the Razak family cannot be washed away easily.
Added to this Mahathir has his hands soaked in blood too.
Is there no end in sight?
Voices are coming out not from new blood or new faces but from the revengeful ones and those unwanted and frustrated with their own party for not giving them more dues.
The ones who claimed they are progressive, the ones who intend to keep their own kind in power will bring more disaster than the present ones.
Are we so lack of new blood or new faces?
Why do we constantly hide behind the ones who has no interest in us?
The Chinese has been doing the Art of Face-Changing for the past 300 years and managed only to change 30 masks within a given period.
Barisan Nasional has been ruling Malaysia since 1957, a mere 58 years.
Yet the mask is 58 layers.
Today we see an ex-Premier and a sitting Premier trying to unmask each other.
If for 300 years a Sifu in Face-changing cannot change more than 30 mask within a limited period, how can an ex-Premier and a sitting Premier unmask each other before the year end unless with God's intervention.
So with good intention and with bad feeling as to the coming disaster.

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