Friday, June 12, 2015

Police or Crook you decide

Today as I was leaving my house I saw a suspicious white Vios and in it was two men dressed as civilians claiming to be police men, with police ID (or fake ID ) they demanded that I get out of my car that is parked in front of my house, when I refused and drove off, one of them pulled out his gun and pointed at us.
I wanted to make sure that my house was safe from them so I made a slow turn back but before I reached my house I stopped by somewhere close to my house and decided to call the police, while I was doing that, the white Vios found us and still insisted that we get out the car. I decided to just drive off again, we lost them and made another turn back home and found 2 policemen in a police car having a conversation with the same guys.
I was then asked to get out of my car by the policemen and to give my IC. They weren't very friendly. At first I didn't want to because I don't see a need for this. I was just leaving my house?! But I did anyway because they were the policemen and even they (the policemen dressed as civilians) said we had to listen to them because they were the authorities! In the end the policemen said to me that it was all just a miscommunication and left.
So tell me, I was demanded to get out of my car for no valid reason and when I refused they took out their gun and pointed at me like I was some criminal when all I was doing was only just leaving my own house! What did I do wrong? Is it a crime now to walk out of your own house?! I am quite speechless by our so called authorities. The Malaysian police abusing their powers just cause they can whether they are dressed in uniforms or as civilians. Above all that, I thank God that nothing bad happened and I made it to my show on time!
Andrew Lee S.T

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