Friday, June 12, 2015

Deric Lam the Sissyman

On 7th May 2015, my car was knocked by a car driven by a Malaysian resides in Singapore as a PR in SS2, his name is Deric Lam. After the incident, he promised to compensate for my car repair cost and we exchanged our phone number for contact and he gave me his name card. After a few days, he messaged me and informed that he would not compensate for my car repair cost and requested me to claim against his insurance company or send to his so called “uncle's workshop” instead. He justify that his father had taught him not to pay for the damages he had caused to my car. I was really surprised that he had changed his mind and uses his father as an excuse, as he had told me that he is a director / founder of an ISO audit company in Singapore.
When I agreed to repair my car in his "uncle's workshop" since I wish to minimize the trouble for both us but he didn’t want to give me the workshop address and block my contact!
I just can’t believe an owner of ISO audit & training company will run away from responsibility due to small amount! I am curious how he could win the entrepreneur’s award with this character and how to get trust from customer!!
He asked his so called “elder godsister”, Kelly to be our middle person and she agreed but ends up, both of them gave me a lot of excuses and ignored me.
Giving an empty promise is an action of a man with no responsibility! Worst of all, using father as an excuse and pushing the responsibilities to so called “elder godsister” is another action of man with no guts!!
Furthermore, he told me that he wanted to sue me instead of compensate my loss! OMG! He rather to pay for lawyer fee to sue me instead of taking out the courage to admit his fault!
Deric Lam, please be super low profile if you are a stingy and irresponsible freak and please do not spoil your company good name. I pledge that you do not continue to be sissy, or daddy’s girl in this matter as this is really shameful. If you are a successful director of a company, I am pretty sure fixing my car is not something that is such a big deal to you.
I pledge that you make police report to admit your fault since you are so bloody poor to compensate me for my loss. I am sure insurance company will be happy to do this on your behalf.
Deric Lam, please be a man! Don’t hide and think to run away from responsibility!

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