Thursday, May 28, 2015

Malays are not only lazy workers but are also bad businessmen

Recently MPSJ screwed a Malay company.  This is not something NEW from MPSJ.  In fact MPSJ has been known for screwing every businessmen in town if there is no BRIBE INVOLVED. Whether it is UMNO or PKR era.
MPSJ think they are smart by going straight to the regional office in Singapore to request for quotation, knowing fully well a company in Malaysia has a partnership arrangement with them. Furthermore the KL partners are on contact daily with MPSJ.  Just a day before MPSJ requested quotation from Singapore the KL people called and asked whether there is any further doubts or quotation that is required.  MPSJ did not utter a single request.  The next day, MPSJ called up Singapore for a quotation.
Being Singaporean they will just quote since there is a request and business is business with or without an agreement with the KL partners. That is Singapore way.
So now that the Malaysian partners are aware of this everyone is jumping and blaming each other.
So the next time you are dealing with any of those fuck up Malays who wants bribe just beware that they can screw you up.

Just for your knowledge - the Singapore company has been holding back payment due to their Malaysian counter part for over a year, each time giving this and that excuse.  It has been 18 months and the company has not received a single sen for their work.  So you see even foreigners knows that the Malays are bad businessmen.

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