Friday, May 15, 2015

It is not allegation but the truth
The truth is that people especially those with Royal Blood, Titles and strong connections with BN are real life CROOKS.  Every position and post they are in, they suck money out for themselves.
The Blind Associations should have at least 3 of their blind members sitting on board.
The Chairperson must also be blind to have the final say in all decision making.
My blind friends who represent Malaysia for games in International Arena have told me stories on how they were left alone in foreign countries without allowance for food and expenses and guide. The people who were supposed to look after them were never around.  These people only appear for the match, photo taking, dinner given by the host country and disappear again till departure time.
So hello where did all those money go?
Even Thalassemia members are not given their due sum because the parent and son of one Thalassemia Child are sitting members in the board, take the money for own family use leaving out the rest of Thalassemia members. Many people reported to the authorities but no action taken till today because the Family are UMNO kaki.

All these NGOs and Associations are for crooks only.  They make use of helpless people to generate FREE INCOME.

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