Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Will you support this?

# please read and please send to as many Malaysians, all of us must do Our Social Responsibility to safeguard our Bangsa Malaysia and our Sovereignty !
If we were given a Chance to be the Federal Government of Malaysia in next general election by majority win of 66% - 70% !
Insyallah !
We will make the changes, amendment of Federal Constitution, to make sure the accurate functioning and sop of Special Power & Appellate & Separation Of Power, bring down the armed force and Police under Parliament and King as both the enforcement agencies carries the insignia of the King not executives !
We will once for all will amend the racism law and abolish the race based markings and identity and only use Malayan or Malaysian.
Will Appt A national Islamic fatwa council or shurah council and Reintroduce Caliph system and Hudud Law with continuous enhancement from time to time for Muslims only.
We will give free education & medicines and continuous R&D, to produce skillful and vocational knowledge domestic workers and stop or minimise the imports of Bangla, Indon, Indians and etc.
We will revoke all NRIC issued to illegals or foreigner in the past 25 yrs or to revise and adapt new method.
Abolish drugs and secret societies to minimise criminal activities.
All prisoners must work to eat while in jail term.
All prisoners will be paid salary and given accurate skill training and certification and support the repented ex convicts.
Freedom of Speech and those who misuse it have to pay the consequences!
We will allow public debate between govt and opposition to work on certain issues.
We will allow the opposition and the ruling government to use all media tools and measures.
We will make sure the freedom for journalist & press.
Will organise a permanent Parliament council for Public Reports & Injustice or flaws or the sop and systems which must be formed together by ruling party & opposition.
We will introduce the voting system within the lawyers and judges to vote for Judiciary & Legislative both form opposition or ruling party or must be a ultra neutral voting system without the interference of executive called PM!
Same goes to Armed Forces generals and supreme generals & Police Force directors and DIG & IGP.
We are a ultra neutral party and never favors BN or PR.
Don't sell religion but embrace religion and practice religion.
Don't be radical & fanatic person of One Religion!
All the zakat money will be monitored, controlled, managed and distributed to all needy person.
All Indians temples monies and assets will be managed the way and distributed accordingly to Hindus.
All Chinese temple monies and assets will be managed the same way.
We will instruct to finish all pending cases with 2-4 yrs and settle all pending cases in all courts.
We will abolish the law of Sabah called ordinance and the law of Sarawak called enactment and will standardise Federal Constitution as supreme law and also using of Kanun Kesiksaan, Kanun Prosedur Jenayah dan Kanun Acara Jenayah.
Will also open the seat of PM to all eligible Muslim Malaysian form East & West Malaysia.
Police and Armed force total restructure and revised !
A new law for call anti corruption which will be added together with misusing of power and authority in which the politicians, govt servant and enforcement officials will be revoked their citizenship together with their spouse and their children if proven guilty in court of law.
All projects in Malaysia will be monitored!
A company can't have more than one mega project at one time, by this way we can create many company and job opportunities with healthy competition and prevent Capitalism Domination !
All Malaysian of regardless of any race originality can be the supreme leaders of any enforcement and uniformed authority!
No ethnic cleansing in any public departments.
Introduction of JAWI as Malay writings.
All major 4 languages of the country or world known Malay,English,Chinese&Tamil for all public department and agencies.
A compulsory subject and must pass subject called The Malaysian Studies which includes The Federal Constitution (Plural Society) begins form 1 to form 5.
Education ~ at all level to upgrade the standard of our education system.
Abolish penchant system and find way to compensate one time pay off as "service money".
As per Islamic rule we can't make a person become bankruptcy and punish them even worst.
All bankruptcy should be abolished and find away to retrieve the money!
Revoke and Confiscate all Public Utility like waters, sewerage and electricity company and place them under semi government entity monitored by a ministry and open tender to run the management & administration every 5 yrs.
All telco charges and internet charges will be revived.
Abolish GST for citizens.
Government to pay all jobless and old folks allowance from other source of income to be leveraged or specIlly assigned in budget.
All professional class and rich class (privileged class) to pay extra tax.
This is fair as the rich must take care of the poor.
Fix all tolls a standardise price like reduce to 50% of current value on highways tolls and state tolls. All toll consortiums will be revoked, all the management and administration will be leased to public companies every 5 yrs so that every Malaysian can feel the and taste the rice bowl !
EPF withdrawals to remain at 55 yrs or at 50 yrs.
To setup inter-faith council under parliament and king so that no Tom, Dick & Hairy speaks about religious and race in common place and public which is a dangerous to the unity of Bangsa Malaysia.
Anti Capitalism, Anti Cronyism, Anti Nepotism, Anti Favouritsm, Anti Corruption and Anti Dynasty Ruling.
We will find a way to bring out or bing back all Black Money / Unaccounted Monies hidden in Domestic under cronies and Overseas under cronies or as assets or offshore banks / financial hub.
We will never allow and sign "TPPA" Agreement !
Malaysia is for all Malaysians !
Live as united Malaysians !
We have no hidden agenda and we know we can do it with the support of true Muslims and also true Malaysian spirit.
Together we can do it and my ideology and words can be given to each Malaysian voters by personal signing and agreement with all voters.
This message is to all Semenanjung Malaysians, Sarawakians and Sabahans !
Please don't break & destroy our country (Federation) and heritage we build all these years.
All still a dream .................can be realised if once all Malaysian stop support BN & PR !
"I Love You All My Brothers & Sisters. I believe in you all can adapt the Changes once" !
Warmest Regards;
Muhammad Farhan Abdullah
Parti Buruh Bersekutu Malaysia
Thursday, 12/02/2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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MalaysianFirst said...

NO. Full stop! I repeat again, NO!


Which kind of mentally RETARDED political party wants to RESERVE the post to a "MALAY" when it was a "Political Construct" since the emergence of Malaya, since 31st August 1957. Never mind where the person originates from.

I will definitely 100% AGREE that the "Head Of State" MUST be a muslim, in this case, it would be the monarchy or KING. Mind you that is entirely different from "Head Of Government" which is the Prime Minister.

The constitution NEVER mentioned that the "Head Of Government" to be from any specific faith or race.
The constitution specifically mentioned that the person must be of a CERTAIN age when holding the office, in this case, at least 30 years old.
Must be a CITIZEN, plus few other criteria.....no criminal record, not BANKRUPT, mentally sane, etc.
Never mention specific GENDER; the person can be either FEMALE or MALE or even HERMAPHRODITE.
Never mention any specific RELIGION or RACE.

Go READ and "UNDERSTAND" the CONSTITUTION in its entirety before opening the loud-mouth.
So much for a POLITICAL PARTY, no hope INDEED for the country....

In short, I will NEVER support (or adopt) any particular "RELIGION" or "RACE" for the post of PRIME MINISTER!!!
Barking up the wrong tree!!!

Anthony Loke sold our Data to China