Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Look out for murder suspect

Wife seeking justice for comatose husband. 

Date of incident: Saturday, 11th April 2015, Time: 8:00 pm

Location : Fook Sing Restaurant, Seremban

Shared by Soofern Cheah, (Translation credited to Anthony Ooi)

My husband, myself and some of my old school classmates were invited to attend a full-moon party of one of my classmate's younger brother's baby. The dinner was held at Fook Sing restaurant, Seremban.

We were happily talking about the old times with our classmates whom we have not spoken to for a long time. One of my old classmates came over and sat with us. After some chit chatting, she decided to take a group photo before returning to her seat with her husband at another table. As our tables were facing each other, we noticed that she was being scolded by her husband.

After a while, we notice that my friend's husband was staring at us angrily. We do not know her husband and neither did we talk to him.

Around 10:00 pm, two men in their 20's arrived at the dinner party and asked my husband to go out for a chat. As they were unfamiliar to us, my husband declined politely. The men however insisted and walked with my husband for about ten meters.

I felt something was amiss, so I asked a few male classmates to go over and check what was happening.

My classmate's husband Seh Woon Loong (suspect) walked over with a red wine bottle and threatened my friends, while shouting "Sit down, this is none of your business!"

I rushed over to my husband. However by that time, the men had already grabbed my husband's arm tightly. Then Woon Loong started hitting my husband's head continuously with the wine bottle until it shattered.

I screamed for help and tried to aid my husband but it was too late. My husband was already unconscious, lying on the floor. I clung to my husband crying as the assailants left the venue.

It all happened so quickly. A friend sent my husband to the hospital shortly after the ordeal.

At the emergency ward the doctor noticed that my husband's heart had stop beating and they tried to resuscitate him. The team of doctors and medical officers managed to get a pulse shortly after but he was still in critical condition.

Sunday (12th April 2015) The doctor came later in the afternoon with the results from the brain scan and told me that there were multiple blood clots and the brain showed signs of swelling. Due to a weak heart, the doctors could not operate on my husband immediately and instead he had to rely on life support machines and medication. A surgery can only be performed after the heart has stabilised.

Monday (14th April 2015) At 8:00 am the doctor visited the ward to do preliminary tests and found that my husband's eye pupil were dilated and that he did not respond to light stimulation. The doctor did further tests, and finally concluded that my husband is brain dead.

Police are still searching for the suspect. The accused's last known address was 281, Rahang Kecil which is nearby a temple.

Please me share this information as I seek justice for my husband. Kindly contact the nearest police station if you have knowledge of the suspect's whereabouts or has information leading to his arrest.

Picture :- Picture on the (left), suspect by the name of Seh Woon Loong, 45, (Right), Mrs. Cheah accompanying her husband by his side.

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