Thursday, April 2, 2015

Committing suicide with Anwar's promise

PASMA like Anwar is always late in their ambition and greed.  Hello! Yesterday was April Fool Day not today-lah.

PASMA announced they now wants to be a political party in place of PAS in Pakatan.  Why not turn into an incinerator party.  PASMA is riding on Anwar's promises of wealth and projects because of Selangor Reserve.  They do not care about the development of any state.  The same people who worked with UMNO to kill the PAS government in Kedah formed PASMA.  Now they want to join Pakatan in Selangor to gain wealth for themselves.  So if later they find there is only peanut projects given to them because of DAP and PKR, they will join hands with UMNO again to kill off Pakatan. Such fools are many in the coming months.

Malaysia is a multi-racial country.  As such we need a political party with various races and religion to be form to uplift our sick nation.  I believe that if we do not go into that direction before the year ends then there is absolutely no hope for all Malaysians. Once again remember what Mahathir Kutty said 'A NON-MUSLIM/NON MALAY CAN BE THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA.'

Malaysia cannot belong to one race or to one religion.  In fact no country can do that if they wants to see wealth and prosperity in their homeland.

To form another one race party is like committing suicide.  The one race party that will soon disappear in Malaysia will be MCA, MIC, UMNO and PPP.  PASMA will be the shortest running one race party to make History to disappear before they can even blink.

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