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Beware of Sri Petaling LRT Molester

Hope everyone can stop by and spend few minutes to listen my sharing about the incident where my sister encounter last evening.

Yesterday, my sis were taking Sri Petaling line LRT at 6pm to went home as usual, the train were crowded, people who queue for train were crowded because of the un-informed delay of train (which happen always).

When the train finally comes, people try to push each other to get on the train, and then one Malay guy (before the story continue, I need to clarify, there are no any racist element in this story, none, because this story included all the races who will take LRT everyday, Malay Chinese & Indian, and my sis told me she saw a foreign visitor on train too.) Malay guy push my sis from behind, with his hand on her lower back, try to squeeze into the train in very rude way.

My sis turn her head back and look at him, he stares back and shout “Tengok apa? Bxbi.”

The moment my sis continues to stare and show angry face at him, he continues to shout all kind of rude words to my sis.

He is insulting my sis.

“You think you very beautiful arh? You just look like a man, bxtch, slxt, [and etc, you known what he will say]”

Before the story continues (again), I need to bring you another short story (try-to-make-it-short) because I think this short story is important to tell too.


This is not the first time my sis encounter “insane people” on train, the first time was few months back, an indian uncle molest my sis on another crowded train. He put his palm on my sis leg and try to rub slowly, makes my sis though nah maybe just other people’s bag touch my leg, BUT NOT, she caught him on the spot, another girl stands next to them saw it, but she refuse to help when my sis says she wanted to caught him to the police. My sister took picture of that indian uncle’s face with her phone, wanted to pull him out of the train but failed, NO ONE WILLING TO HELP HER.

At the end, my sis went to police station to make a report. She shows the picture to the police, guess what the police response?

“Miss sorry we can’t do anything, we cannot arrest him unless you bring him here. What we can only do is take more attention when patrolling at train stations.”

My sister was even more angry after she make the report to the police, police can’t do anything on it. But at least she knows now, and she knows what she can do if she encounter this kind of incident again (Choy, 大吉利是)


Well, god dammit大吉利是, my sis encountered another incident again.

When the Malay gangster keep going insulting my sis, she did not fight back.
When people call bxbi, or bxtch, never reply them “No, you are the bxtch, bxtch.” Because this makes you no different with him, we are educated people, act wisely.

Everyone has their own limit.

When the Malay start talking rude things about our family, about my mother, my sister cannot resist anymore.
She slap him on his face.

The Malay guy punch my sister back.

Finally, the crowded people gave response.

A:”Aiyo, everyone calm down, calm downnnnnn”
B:”Do not fight! Do not fight!”
C:”Mau gaduh pergi luar gaduh lar”

What do you think? The crowded people gave no help when the Malay guy insulting my sis, at least call him to shut his mouth up, ask him to diam diam.
No one did that.

When my sister keep letting him insulting with very rude words on her, she gives no f*ck, you can insult me because everything you talk is nonsense, BUT NOT ABOUT MY FAMILY, YOU CANNOT INSULT MY FAMILY. This is what my sister though.

If, if one day, you tell your stories to one of your friend, you tell him, you kena insult by lunatic on train, I guess your friend will answer the same, “Slap him lar!”

Yea, my sis slapped him.

Some people might say “Oh, you slap him first, you’re salah lo”, “Should ignore him lar, this kind of people no need bother him maa”

My sister is a brave lady, she never escape, she never drop a single tears to try to bring this gangster to the police.
No one can judge my sister’s act were wrong, let the police do it. If my sister slap her first were wrong, fine, let the police tell, but first, she knows she need to bring this gangster to the police.

My sister ask for help. Please, anyone can help me to bring this man to police, can you be my evidence?

No one.

Not any single people want to help.

My sister talks to the nearest Chinese boy stands next to her, age around 2X.

“你可以帮我一起带他去找警察吗?我一个女人捉不到他,可以帮我吗?Can you help me to bring him to police together? I cant take him alone, please help me.”
“啊?我不知道的哦...我不懂抓人的哦...酱子不对的哦...我住Sri Petaling的哦...不可以乱捉人的哦...I don’t know wor…I dunno arrest people one de wor…This is not right one…I live in Sri Petaling one…I cannot arrest people one de wor…”

Another girl ask my sister to forgive him.
My sis says cannot, I must bring him to police.

Again, this is not the first time my sister encounter incident on train, she knows what to do. She need help.

The Malay guy was scared when he heard my sis says she want to bring him to police.
He says “Sorry lar”

My sis “I will not accept your apologies if that wasn’t the real one”

Then he says again “I’m sorry lar, don’t bring me to police lar”

The girl next to them “Aiya miss you forgive him lar, he say sorry already, 大事化小 小事化无lah (I dunno how to explain this chinese sentence, it just means ask you to forgive him at this situation)”

Okay, my sis want to bring this guy to police, but everyone stops her, what can my sis do?

Finally, the train reached the destination. Everyone push each other to try to escape from here, don’t want to get involved in this “tragedy”.

But some of them keep talk to my sister, says “Don’t angry liao, forgive him lar, just ignore him lar…”

What happened to the Malay guy? He laugh, because he stops at the same station with my sis.

“You also live here ar? Where are you living?”

My sis “Why should I tell you??”

Then he ran away.

When my sis went home, she cried alot.

She cry wasn’t because she get bullied.

She cry because of the response of people from the train.

When she wanted to fight back, bring the gangster to justice, everyone stop her, say let him be, the whole train ask my sis to 大事化小 小事化无.

My sister is the victim in this incident, when she says she want to bring him to police, the crowd response make her become the 错的人, she should not do like this, she should forgive him, she should ignore him.

Do you really think we need to ignore, forgive those who do bad things? We should not give them punishment? Show them warning? JUST IGNORE THEM?

Most of the people in train doesn’t want to get involved, same with my sister! Do you really think she likes this? She likes to meet bad peoples? She knows when she met bad things, she need to stand out, fight back, bring them to justice. But sad thing is, no one want to get involved. I rather faster go back home, enjoy my dinner, take a good bath, have a good rest, lucky the people not insult me, if he insult me, I will just ignore him, I will run quickly. Is this true?

Is this really true?

Do you think the bad guy will becomes better if you ignore him?
I guess he will become from bad to worst.

Because when he do bad things, he say sorry, people forgive him, he was safe, he can do bad things again. True?
When he do bad things, you ignore him, he think what he did is not a problem, continue to do bad things. True?
When he do bad things, you ignore him again, he think he might be able to do more bad things, you will still ignore him right? He do worst things. True?

At the end of this the-malaysian-story-of-bad-guy-doing-bad-things-on-public-which-maybe-not-the-first-time-you-heard, I have no conclusion.

I hope everyone can take good care of yourself.
Bad guy were everywhere, the only way to avoid them are stay at home 24 hours, but we can’t do that right? We need to know how to protect yourself, and also protect the people around you, at the same time protect the city, protect the nation.

Sounds complicated and too much responsibility need to give? Won’t, because this is exactly what you need to do everyday.

We learn this from Moral class since primary school, when you’re 7 years old, teacher told you to help people when they need help.

When you saw people getting bully, please go and help the victim. If you’re not alone, get people attention, ask for more people’s help.
If you ignore, the bully found that bullying is fun, and no one will stop me, I will keep bully people, at the end, he might bully one of the people you love in the future, who knows?


The city was sick, please, as a citizen, don;t throw everything to the government, there are a lot more things we can do our self.
From help old granny cross over road, to let the OKU go in or go out from door first, to help people pick up his dropping coins, to stop a gangster bully a lady.

Correct me if my point of view was wrong, or you think the people who do wrong in the story was my sister, or the only guy who mindset was wrong is me and my sis, not the whole crowded people on the train.

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