Friday, March 6, 2015

Sue them

Many of the constituents have been complaining to you for over 2 decades. When will you act?
Lim Guan Seng
Believe it or not these pictures were taken in what can be considered the Chinese Heartland of Kuala Lumpur- Tayton Harmoni, in Cheras to be more precise.
PIX 1,2 & 3 street lined with rubbish
A job for our Minister of Federal Territory, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Right under his nose and it is surprising that he has noticed what an eye sore this area is. And a haven for Aedes mosquitoes!
Or does he consider only beggars and vagrants an eye sore who need to be cleared.
Indiscriminate dumping has been going on for years in this area. Many residents have complained to Kuala Lumpur City Hall numerous times but the complaints have fallen on deaf ears.
Equally unconcerned is the elected representative, Tan Kok Wai who take pride that he has represented the area since 1986. YB it is not how long you represent the constituency that is important but how well you have served the constituents!
The problem of dumping has been going for more than 20 years and you have done nothing. Many of the constituents have been complaining to you for over 2 decades. When will you act?
Added to this, developers who are constructing in the area are dumping freely in the area. Tengku Adnan and Kuala Lumpur City hall  should take a page out of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s book and fine these culprits heavily. Maybe that will stop them.
Finally, Tengku Adnan and Kuala Lumpur City Hall you are ultimately responsible for the problem. Please attend to the problem as soon as possible. The residents of Taynton View, Cheras are also tax paying citizens and deserve better.
Isn't it time to sue the Federal Minister, DBKL and Tan Kok Wai.
Time and money are spent on getting justice for Anwar.
Yet no effort is given to the people.
Elected representatives forget too easily.

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