Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rapist from Johore

Please help to get him before more girls become victims. He is sought by police over a statutory rape case that involve a 13 year old student from Puchong Jaya school. He was believed to lure unsuspecting young girls and have sex with them promising them that he loves them. He stays in Johor Bahru. Any information can contact the nearest police station or call us at 019 2316666.
請協助幫忙找到這名男子, 以免更多女孩受害. 這名男子涉嫌一起強姦案, 該名13歲受害者就讀於蒲種的學校. 他以愛情來誘惑年輕女孩與他發生性關係並保證會一直愛他們. 他居住在柔佛州. 預知任何詳情, 請聯絡鄰近警局或是019 2316666.
姓名Name: David Chan Wai Liong
地點Place: Around Johor AROUND KULAI AREA (柔佛古來區)
POLICE REPORT KULAI 003403/15 TARIKH 07/03/2015/.
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