Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jutawan Sepenggal

Ever since Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor, DAP has been holding the portfolio for Local Government and below are the damages caused..
Is it one of the reasons.
DAP has disregarded the call for Hukuman Islam.....
Member of Parliament,
State Assemblymen,
State Ministers in the name of EXCO's,
Local Councilors, whom are called little Napoleons whom have exhibited their loyalty to their Bosses and Runners or Collectors.
Let me brief your good self in detail for you could also be the aware..
a} Liquor Licences are issued by Federal Government ( Customs ).
b} Premises for Liquor are issued by Local Councilors in Full Council Meetings. In which some are given to operate 24 Hours, in Local Gov.
c} Gambling Dens Licences are issued by Federal Government. Premises for operating the Gambling Dens are issued by Full Council Meetings in Local Government.
d} Massage Parlors Licences are issued by Federal Government and the very same premises for operating the centers are also by the Little Napoleons in Local Government.
e} Hotels which are suppose to be operating in Towns are already approved for Residential Areas by Little Napoleons.
f} Provision Shop in Residential Areas are also selling the Liquor. in which the Local Government Enforcement should cancel their the Licence for Provision Shop.
Last but not the Least, my simple Question for you " Why does the Portfolio for PBT be only DAP representative from the DAY 1 taking over from BN??
The mess created happens to be obvious and exhibited very clearly by PR as " Jutawan Sepenggal "

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