Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disaster round the corner

Since the GE13th we have been in a time zone that stood on disaster.
We live and strive for disaster.
Forget about PAS, DAP, PKR, MIC, MCA, PPP, PSM, Bar Council, NGOs or Bersih.
Today it is either you are with UMNO or Anwar.
To UMNO - Race, Religion and Law must be used to silence the voice of the Rakyat who are frustrated and angry over the mismanaged Nation.
To those who opposed UMNO their interest and hope lies within the four walls of Sungei Buloh.
So who will lead the Rakyat out from our troubled nation?
Today till next year Malaysians rich or poor will experience suffering and sorrow which will lead to lives being lost in the hands of its own people or rather the Malays.
Signs are aplenty but no-one notice or care what it means.
PDRM or rather the Telur Thosai has instructed 126,000 police personnel to play twitter instead of catching criminals.
From students, lecturers, NGOs, MPs, Journalists to the Rakyat are given the Sedition Treatment. 
Then we have a sadist who is buddy with a Mafia.
Yet the Malays and Muslim who threatened to burn the bible, destroyed properties, swindle our money, murdered innocent victims and one even steal Thesis are protected at all cause.
Chinese Schools are given Teachers who are not qualified nor have basic knowledge of Mandarin to teach.
Muslim Teachers are protected when they convert non-Muslim students.
Students with good grades are not given their choice of course for they are not Malay enough.
Public Transport licences given to Ministers and cronies are told they can raise their fare.
MAS already on the bankruptcy list is firing its staff but the top management gets fantastic increment, bonus and allowance.
The Federal Otak Kosong and the Mayor who was supposed to be clean and humble but now not so clean tells MPs and Rakyat not to question why RM300 million must be used to demolish a recent renovated building to make way for a bigger building because the money belongs to them.  Maybe someone can give a clearer picture as to how DBKL money became their grandfather’s money.  Does the assets and liabilities becomes private property just because an UMNO man sits in the mayor office.  HOW MANY SEATS DID UMNO WIN IN WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN?
We have a Prime Minister who keep saying “THERE ARE PEOPLE I NEED TO PAY OFF.”
Did we not pay for the life from MH370?
Did we not pay off the Sultans?
Did we not pay off the cronies?
Did we not pay off his so-called buddies?
Did we not pay off Mahathir Kutty?
Did we not pay off his so called in laws debts?
Yet the wife is never satisfied.
Soon he is selling off the country to TPPA.
We are also very lucky to have an MB who wants to show off his power by telling Federal Government that they cannot build nor run their water pipe in the State. So soon we will have water pipes floating around Selangor air space and if that is also not allowed then WE WILL HAVE WATER PIPES COMING FROM MARS.

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flyer168 said...

"Disaster round the corner"


Yes indeed & very much so.

just to share this for comparison...

“…Ethiopia’s despotic leaders do not need to lie to win elections. They steal elections.

In fact, the election they hold is but to lie and mislead the international public opinion.

They believe that since they came to power through the barrel of the gun they must stay in power by the same gun.

They lie when they want to cover-up murders or plan to murder their own people.

They always plot and plan to create instability to stay in power.

They tightly control every faucets of their people’s life including their religious practices.

Divide and rule is the easiest and obvious method they deploy to stay in power.

Time and again we have witnessed the Ethiopia government use ethnicity to incite interethnic conflicts to dislocate Ethiopian from one region or another.

Now, Ethiopians of different ethnic groups have rejected to play the ethnic card, the government is resorting to the most heinous and dangerous card of religion.

Though for the last two years the official government media was waging the propaganda war against the Muslim population to create fear and apprehension among the Christians and did not succeed, the threat and the fear mongering has become the duty of the higher office holder in the country…”


You be the judge.

Anthony Loke sold our Data to China