Monday, March 9, 2015

Beware of dirty trick to rob

Hi all my dear friends ,please be alert now because something just happened to me today 4.45pm (6/3). I parked my car outside my gate around 3.30pm because thought fetching my son from school at 5pm , but suddenly I heard a pass by motorbike kept in honking me so I went out to see what happen. While I just walked out my living room and I saw my car was on fire so I was very shock but the motorbike already ran away. So in my heart I was thinking what should I do ? But my car already on fire and so I saw a car (lady) pass by my house and she also honk me and told me bottom was burning too . Lucky the lady u turn back my house then only I dare to open my house gate to put out the fire with my house water hose . what I found on floor was a half burnt Big 100 plus plastic bottle that with gasoline . So I went to make police report and we suspected it might be the robbery new tactics ,they tried to rob those who came out from the house , even the inspector who came to my house and investigated said so . So please be alert everyone . Thanks God no big deal with me . 感恩 !! And last word...I didn't Owe Ah LONG $$$ !!
Submitted by: Kim Heahsk

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