Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beware of car WXM 1948 Kia Cerato K3

All CWM friends please be aware of this car plate number: WXM 1948 model KIA CERATO K3 with black tinted film all around and Metallic brownish colour! Could be a car hijacker or robbers! Because they have hit & run.
Date: 26 /03 /2015 Time: around 00.20 am at road to Puchong just opposite directly to Astro my friend was driving a Merc was knocked from behind by this KIA car!
Luckily he didn't got out from his car to check nor to negotiated but the KIA driver a Malaysian Indian man age in his 30s & another Indian man similar age got down coming near my friend's car to negotiated on to settle or report??
My friend told both of them to meet & report at Seri Petaling police station but both of them didn't turn up?
So my friend had to make a police report but police check this car registration and found it belongs to a Kelantaness Malay woman??
Please share around this pictures if both of them owner of this car kindly proceed to Seri Petaling police station to report Or to warned others to beware of this car before fallen as a victim! Thank you for sharing around

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