Saturday, February 7, 2015

Your opinion, Their opinion, My opinion

What is right or what is wrong that is ones opinion.  No-one should demand or force a person to change his or her mind.
Today I want to give my two sen about Anwar's so-called doomsday next week.
Anwar as everyone knows crosses the line on every occasion to show his arrogance and power.
Anwar markets himself well in front of the public but in private he is revengeful, spiteful and SELFISH.
At the same time I respect him for having the courage to challenge the Malaysian Cartel System in 1998 and started Reformasi.
Like so many politicians in Malaysia what Anwar has done and even as I write this - what he is planning to do, IT IS NORMAL TO GET PUBLIC SYMPATHY and give your side of the story. It does not matter whether it is the truth, half lie or a total lie.
We are human beings after all.  We should behave as such.
But what hurts me the most and how I see Anwar was about three months before the 13th GE and after the election.
To me I respect individual desire.  It does not matter with the same or different sex.
But what I am against and hate the most is when one have sex with children below 18 years old.
I don't care about whether the girls and boys are from poor families needing the money.
To me it is totally wrong.
So what went on inside PKR HQ was totally wrong before 13th GE. At the same time the court case with Sinful was still hot.
Anwar should have learnt his lesson when he first went to prison.  So why the hell did he think he can get away doing the same thing.
Next after the election he went all out for ex-MB Khalid's blood to get his hands on the RM3 billion reserve thinking it belongs to his grandfather's.
Can anyone out there name one foreign investment he brought into Selangor when he was the Advisor?
What about today?  Any investment?
Yet the first thing Azmin did as MB of Selangor was to give a cheque of RM1.2 million to Anwar as token of appreciate for his advisory position.  Phew so easy to make money.  Me too want such post.
Guess what Anwar did when the money popped onto his hands.  Holiday, yes he went for a very long holiday enjoying himself knowing the Rakyat were drowning in flood.
Anwar's excuse he could not get a flight back.  Hello if there were no seat available in commercial airlines coming back to Malaysia, what about private jet like this one:-
Again Anwar thinks all Malaysians are stupid.
The crisis in Selangor not only opens the Public eyes on how Anwar controls his wife and PKR, it also put a definite dent into Nurul's future as MB of Selangor or PM of Malaysia.
Azmin as everyone knows will never ever give up his seat for Nurul or anyone else.  Like Najis, Azmin will use money and projects to maintain his MB seat in Selangor. As for the PM seat, you think Azmin will allow that.  You must be hallucinating.
Those in the know inside Azmin's armpit has leaked that the RM3 billion reserve has lost all the zeros. Very sad indeed.
The ones you see in the above pictures are today's millionaires.
Right now Anwar is busy getting his freedom back but once he succeed, Hadi and PAS will be mince meat forever.
So like 2014, Anwar intend on creating another crisis but this time in PAS.
So do you (NORMAL WITH BRAIN IN THE HEAD MALAYSIANS) want Anwar to be free to create another crisis and continue his tryst in PKR HQ OR

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