Thursday, February 5, 2015

US created ISIS

Blame it on Bush.
Blame it on Rothschild.
The Cartel that rules the world.

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flyer168 said...

"US created ISIS"


Yes indeed.

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Hillary Clinton ADMITS The CIA Started & Funded Al Qaeda -

McCain Makes Revealing Slip on Fox: Obama Didn’t Want to ‘Arm ISIS’ -

"Arizona Sen. John McCain made an interesting comment regarding the federal government’s policy towards the ISIS terrorist group Wednesday evening during an appearance on Fox News.

At the 1:00 mark in the short clip with Greta Van Susteran, McCain mentions a meeting the President held with his national security team in which all members reportedly “recommended arming ISIS.”

“Hillary Clinton has described already the meeting in the White House over two years ago… everyone in the national security team recommended arming ISIS and the President, by himself, turned it down,” McCain said.

The comment follows a question from Susteran regarding the arming of the “Free Syrian Army,” making McCain’s statement appear to be a simple Freudian slip despite some reports taking the remark out of context. While that may be the case, McCain’s unintended comment regarding ISIS actually remains completely factual.

Despite McCain falsely claiming that the President declined to arm the group, the pairs’ direct involvement in the rise of ISIS, a name simply referring to Al Qaeda in Iraq, is undeniable.

McCain has worked feverishly with the Obama administration for the last several years to arm radical jihadists across the region in an admitted decades-long plan to overthrow the governments of several countries including Iraq, Libya and Syria.

As far back as March 2011, McCain was cheerleading the CIA’s plans to provide support to the “Libyan rebels” even as Libyan rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi admitted to working with Al Qaeda. Only months later, those same “rebels” would place an Al Qaeda flag on top of the courthouse in Benghazi.

Just last year, McCain traveled to Syria to meet with senior members of the Asifat al-Shamal Brigade as well as the Free Syrian Army, two group’s that have admittedly “pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda” as well. Widespread controversy was sparked after several of the men at the secret meeting were found to be radicals accused of recently kidnapping 11 Lebanese pilgrims."

You be the judge.


What so difficult?

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