Friday, February 20, 2015

Need Nation Help to catch the Wedding Robbers

I was the wedding photographer for this event, what happened was during the wedding reception, when almost all of the guest have arrived. A syndicate of thieves which have at least 3 person targeted the couple and stolen their whole wedding Angpow Box! There was about 50+ tables for that banquet, so i would say there will be at least 40-50k cash in the angpow box!
Going through the photographs taken during the wedding reception, the couple managed to identify 2 of the suspected thieves. This are the 2 suspected culprits who stole the whole Wedding Angpow box at Sutera Pekin on the 2015-Feb-14 night. The first 2 photographs are the same person ( the Distractor), the 3rd photo is the 2nd suspect ( the Blocker) and the 3rd person is the mastermind, very clever to always hide away from the camera's view. The footage from the cctv at Sutera Pekin shows that that have been doing some hand signals to each other and also of the mastermind( wearing a white shirt, black pants and a sling bag) stealing the angpow box.
The Angpow Box was stolen about 8 pm, 2015-Feb-14.But this group of suspects have been hanging around the wedding reception area since 7pm-8pm, 2015-Feb-14, Sutera Pekin.
The couple has since made police report, and it will be published in many newspapers tomorrow.
If you can recognise any of the persons above or if you know how to find them please contact me. 016-7545836, or by email
Any info provided to me will be confidential. Thanks a lot in advance!
It will mean a lot a lot to the couple, its a big sum to bear & also to have such memories during their Wedding day! Lets do our part to protect the our community and Wedding industry!
*2015-Feb-18 this morning about 9am, an anonymous tip off, someone saw Suspect 1, the one in vest at Kuala Lumpur Puchong, a taxi driver sent the guy to Balakong, South City, friends in Kuala Lumpur please help to take note.
*2015-Feb-18 4:15PM, Astroawani just called up, saying wishes to highlight this incident. Might have even more coverage and more manpower to catch these guys soon. =]
*2015-Feb-19 7.55pm Astroawani has reported on the incident as well

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