Friday, January 2, 2015

Policemen in Bukit Bintang sleeping on the job

Group of 20-30 Youngsters Rob & Hit Victims Nearby Prominent Shopping Mall.

MCAC: Be cautious when you are out with your friends. Don't stray from the group by walking ahead. Keep your belongings in your bags or pockets while walking to avoid being a target to robbers. Always keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings so you'll know when someone might be coming towards you and could grab your things off you. Be VIGILANT.

Date of Incident: 31 Dec 2014, Time: After dinnertime.
Location: Near Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Shared by Bibi Mix, 1 Jan 2015 (edited)

Summary of what happen to me when i got robbed on New Year's Eve.

My friends and I (7 people) were walking out from Central Plaza, at the back of Pavilion after our dinner. We were walking along the main road, from Sungei Wang Plaza towards Pavillion. At the roadside near Standard Chartered (besides Pavilion), there was a bunch of youngsters at the corner - around 20-30 people.

I was the first one among my friends who was walking towards the area. One person from the bunch of youngsters shouted and then another person took away my phone, He punched me to the floor. Then, the bunch of them started to surround me, throwing punches and kicks everywhere.

After the first punch, when I fell to the floor, I felt like I was in a dream. When they started to surround and hit me, I felt like I was in a movie scene. I was aware of what was happening, so I used my hands to cover my neck and bent down to avoid them from hitting on important parts of my body.

My wallet, 2 mobile phones and car keys, external charges etc were stolen. They grabbed whatever that could be grabbed. Though I still had my backpack with me with my laptop inside. They had wanted to drag it away from me. They almost did but I pulled it back and hugged it. I ended up getting more hits because I refused to let it go. I was the first one to get hit and the last one to be let go. They ended up giving up because they couldn't hang around for too long.

I am very glad that they did not have any weapons on them. After they had cleared off, I stood up and walked back towards Pavilion.
A man whom I think has been standing at the side, waiting for the commotion to be over, told me to "Faster walk, faster walk," which I did. I felt like he was also watching my back as I walk towards my friends.

There were 2 armed policemen who my friends had ran over to inform them about the incident but apparently, they had replied "tunggu kawan balik" (wait for your friend to come back). Their reason given that they did not do anything about the incident was because they were too many people involved.

One of my other friends who had rushed to help me got kicked 3 times on his face and stomach. Yet another friend tried to pull him away but also got robbed and hit too. He shouted that he had given everything but the youngsters continued to hit him for fun. That friend suffered a fracture on his nose.

The police says that there are few gangs in places around Pavilion, KLCC and Sunway. The police seems to know that such things will happen but they can't do anything? So, why do we need the police there? Should I say that those youngsters actually had a permit to do such things even with armed police around? ... What a beautiful country we live in .

There were also other people who were robbed and hit as well and were also making their reports at the police station, both men and women. 

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