Monday, December 1, 2014

Malay Mother Fucker

Many Malays are brainless.  Just because UMNO has been the government for century does not means that only UMNO can provide for its people.  IT IS THE DUTY OF EACH AND EVERY GOVERNMENT TO SERVE ITS PEOPLE.  In Malaysia only corrupted fools are trying to brain wash its people to think stupid.
If the opposition becomes the Government, it is their duty too to serve the people.  Until the stupid Malays like the Doc above think otherwise, MALAYS HAVE BECOME DUMMIES FOR LIFE.  HOPEFULLY THE FLOOD WILL WIPE OFF THE STUPID MALAYS FOR GOOD ESPECIALLY THE PRIME MINISTER AND HIS GOOD FOR NOTHING WIFE.

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flyer168 said...

Just to share this...

The American Dream, USA Inc. George Carlin -

You be the judge.


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