Friday, November 21, 2014

Why attack innocent migrants?

Migrants do not simply walk into Malaysia on their own.
It is the politicians and Royal Household who are responsible for their presence in Malaysia.
In Kuala Lumpur there are estimated 60 illegal migrants who are working as TAXI DRIVERS  for our politicians and Royal House.
Don't believe TAKE A CAB and check their MyKad.  Most taxi drivers will tell you that the minute they arrive in Malaysia they are given a licence, MyKad and a place to stay.  They start work within 24 hours upon arrival.  Everyday at certain time they have to hand over the day's income to a runner at Times Square.
So now that a problem has arise, migrants are told to FUCK OFF.
But bear in mind this is only for now.
Come January 2015, you will see many migrants at your door steps.
WHY?  Because the UMNO Government need them to stay in POWER.
Do note that all business whether legal or illegal in Malaysia are connected to politicians and Royal Household especially _ _ _ _ _ _.

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