Friday, November 14, 2014

UMNO Bomoh an abuser

Indon maid says Raja Bomoh repeatedly abused her

 | November 14, 2014
The media in Indonesia has got wind that Malaysia’s infamous Raja Bomoh abused his maid the entire time she was in his employ.
TKWPETALING JAYA: The infamous Raja Bomoh 1Malaysia Mat Zin who made a spectacle of himself and embarrassed the nation in the aftermath of the missing MH370, is now allegedly a maid abuser.
According to a news report on Berita Satu in Indonesia, Raja Bomoh was alleged to have consistently abused his Indonesian maid the entire time she was in his employ.
In the latest incident, the maid known as Menik Fitriyanti, 47 took a 30 cm blow to the head, the trauma of which has now resulted in her suffering from impaired and deteriorating memory loss.
Having escaped from the clutches of Raja Bomoh on November 4, Menik is now back in her hometown of Kota Bondowoso, Eastern Jawa, Indonesia.
According to a news portal, Menik’s daughter Alfa Nurismayanti, said her mother’s employer, popularly known as Raja Bomoh often beat her.
Alfa also said that when she last spoke to her mother almost a year ago, Menik had told her she could no longer bear working with her employer and wanted to return to Indonesia but that Raja Bomoh always stopped her.
Alfa said, “At 3pm, without any prior notice, my mother showed up at our home.
“She refused to say a word and to this day, no one in the family knows how she found her way back home to us.”
Alfa also explained that apart from the wound on her head, there are traces of abuse and old wounds on Menik’s neck, stomach and feet.
She said it was obvious her mother was in a state of trauma.
Saying she did not expect the authorities to offer any sort of aid to her mother, given that Menik was an illegal employee in Malaysia, Alfa added, “What is important now is treating my mother’s injuries and nursing back to health.”

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