Saturday, November 8, 2014

Little Psy from China

Jun Min Woo is known to the public as 'Little Psy' for his "Gangnam Style" performance he did on a Chinese entertainment program as well as for his other performances via 'Star King'. Not to be confused with the 'Little Psy' who appeared in Psy's "Gangnam Style" music video Hwang Min Woo, 'Little Psy' Jun Min Woo from Yanbian, China recently revealed that he is suffering from a brain tumor and has only six months left to live.

On the November 7 broadcast of SBS's 'Curious Story Y', 11-year-old Jun Min Woo personally revealed his struggles as a patient with a brainstem glioma, a cancerous glioma tumor in the brain stem.

Despite his predicament, Jun Min Woo stays positive, saying in the clip above at the 0:16 mark, "Although I came to Korea to receive treatment for my illness, even though it's like that, I think of it as me coming to play." He also says at another point in the episode, "I didn't like that my mom was worrying [over me]."

Jun Min Woo's mother expresses her concern for her son, as she says in tears at the 1:00 mark, "Although he is receiving treatment, I have a lot of thoughts about whether he can actually come out of it ok or not."

Towards the end of the clip, the family doctor explains that as the brainstem controls motor skills and respiratory functions, it's important to monitor and treat. However, the doctor explains that a surgery on the area would be difficult, saying that even if the slightest mistake is made, it could endanger Jun Min Woo's life.

For his charismatic performance of "Gangnam Style", here's the clip below.

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