Thursday, November 20, 2014

How much does a police inspector earn?

Cop loses RM1,550 after 'steamy session'  calls for backup.
KUALA LUMPUR: A police inspector who engaged a prostitute's service at a spa, here, landed himself in trouble after lodging a report that he lost RM1,550 during the act.
The officer, attached to the city police headquarters' Internal Security and Public Order Department, had called the Dang Wangi headquarters' operations room about 3am to request for assistance to find the money, which he alleged had been stolen by the prostitute.
A source said upon the arrival of two patrol policemen at the spa in a shopping complex, the officer immediately identified himself as a police inspector before ordering the two to search the premises.
“The policemen, with the permission of the premises' owner, then searched for the cash but could not find the money. The officer was not satisfied, and requested for a policewoman, who later conducted a body search on the 40-year-old prostitute inside a toilet there,” said the source.
The source said the officer then requested for the case to be reported officially.
The report furnished by the officer was detailed, right down to how much he paid for the services of the prostitute as he did not want to use a condom.
“After they finished (having sex), the complainant (the inspector) went to a toilet to wash up. After putting on his clothes, he walked away from the room before realising that his cash kept in a pocket had gone missing.”
City police chief Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa confirmed that police received the report.
He said the inspector was believed to have been mentally unstable after being in a coma for three months in 2012 following a road accident.
“I know that this incident has gone viral in social media, and I am not denying that it had taken place. However, I would like to make it clear about something, that this officer is not a bad person, as we believe that he did what he did due to the mental disorder from which he was suffering.”
Tajuddin said the force had previously referred the officer to its medical board, so that he could be discharged for being medically unfit, but the board turned down the option.
The officer was then reassigned to desk duties at the city police headquarters' closed-circuit television room, and was not allowed to handle any weapon.
Tajuddin said they did not have the heart to sack the officer, despite the troubles he has created, as the man would lose his source of income.
“I actually took pity on him... his mental problem is serious, so much so that it even tore his marriage apart. We are discussing with the federal headquarters, and I will bring this matter up to the Inspector-General of Police to decide.”
Folks how much does a police inspector earn?
RM3,000, RM4,000, RM5,000 or above?
You decide.
But for a police inspector to carry around RM1,550 cash 20 days after salary day is like telling me the cop is corrupted.
But to intentionally divert the attention away from the money reported missing is too obvious where the money could have come from.
Till today there is no news about all the so-called confiscated drug worth billions.

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