Thursday, November 6, 2014

DAP and PKR too arrogant to answer a simple question

During the DAP Petaling Jaya fund raising dinner on 3 Nov 2014, Bukit Gasing state assemblyman Rajiv Rishkaran opened his speech by saying “some here are for Kidex and others against Kidex.”
He talked without giving a clear indication of where exactly he stood and left the one question in my mind that I want answered; “Are you all in Pakatan Rakyat for Kidex or against Kidex?”
All of you Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives – state assemblypersons and members of parliament in Petaling Jaya – the people of Petaling Jaya want to know a simple “Yes” or “No”.
Let the voters of Petaling Jaya who have to face the Kidex skyway long after your current term ends know where you stand on this project now. Give us a straight answer and stop giving us speeches and statements with no answers.
Do not give us that standard politician answer that starts with “IF”. State your stand clearly for the people of Petaling Jaya to judge where you stand on Kidex Skyway and where you would take us hence forth.
All of you owe us a simple answer after everything we have been through. To put it bluntly, it was we – the residents of Petaling Jaya – that did all the work and research to oppose the project. We wrote letters, did research and got hold of the Traffic and Environmental Impact Assessment Reports from the Works Minister.
All PR did was issue confusing messages these past 10 months. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim told us the Kidex alignment was not finalized back in May this year. Rafizi Ramli tells us that Kidex is an Umno crony project and Gobind Singh Deo tells us that the project should be rejected because it is against the PR manifesto.
Now Azmin Ali and Tony Pua tells us the project can go ahead if all conditions are met. Amidst all of this, the PR elected representatives’ have been briefed many times by Kidex Sdn Bhd in closed door meetings since 2011.
In the last ten (10) months, we have not heard a clear stand from Pakatan Rakyat because you were all too busy trying to change the Menteri Besar.
The MB has changed. It is now time to close the matter. No more excuses and delay. Just say yes OR no and stand by what you say.
Please stand by what you say and we the people will judge you accordingly. 

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