Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Who is dying to work with UMNO?

Since the Selangor crisis started, we can see the workings of PAS members such as Khalid Samad and Husam Musa working overtime in their cunning speech that UMNO wants to work with PAS.  I have spoken to so many UMNO Selangor members who are willing to sworn it is not UMNO that is courting PAS but PKR courting UMNO into a partnership.
Since 2008 till today PKR or rather Anwar and Azmin have been sleeping with UMNO Selangor and Najis.  There were at least 60 meetings held overseas.  Yet people like Khalid Samad and Husam Musa, LGE, LKS and Tony Pua are not perturbed or is it because they too are hoping the partnership will blossom.
At the end of the day it is everyone for themselves.  So there is absolutely no difference which donkey gets the biggest slice of cake.

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