Thursday, September 11, 2014

Selangor MPs and Adun are very selfish

Since that stupid Kajangate started Selangor MPs and Aduns have stop working for the people.  Every Tom, Dick and Harry spend their time and energy on bad mouthing MB Khalid, PAS, Hadi, Nik Aziz, Sultan of Selangor and now Najis.
This will go on till GE14th and again that Bitch and Azmin Ali names will be put forward as the only candidates for the MB seat to the Sultan of Selangor.  Then the whole circus will spin again and again until Anwar or Kak Wan die permanently.
Like most Folks I only have ONE WISH and that is the disappearance of PKR, DAP and certain PAS idiots similar to MH370.
Please God grant us our wish to have them all in a MAS PLANE together and wipe them off from this earth.  Amen.

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