Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tomboy Vance on the loose to cheat you

Rocky Yong added 6 new photos — with EL Chu and 6 others at Sabah.
Please share this to your friend and make sure you wont get cheated by this girl.
We've booked mount kinabalu climb package for 11 person (RM700 per pax) from a22 years old tomboy called Vance, which claimed herself as an travel agent, We trusted her because she is friend of a friend. We paid her deposit(RM1000)+ full payment(RM7700) a total amount of RM8700 into her account. She gave us an "official receipt" but when we asked her when can we get back our RM1000 deposit, she gave us lots of excuses and delayed it for one year. We decided to meet her at Sabah, let her brief us about the mt kinabalu climb and also return the deposit to us. Our meeting time was supposed to be 2.30pm on 25th July 2014, she delayed it twice and finally we end up meeting her 1am on 26th July 2014. She really brief us but when it comes to money, she told us she cannot redraw the money because all the atm machines are closed after 12am. We did not believe because we had just went to the bank around 12 something. We followed her to the bank and she tried to cheat us by using mykad to redraw money. At the end she told us that her atm card are not with her and she "offered" us to scold her and call the police to catch her. We end up getting her IC, driving license, her car number plate and even made her write a letter claiming that if she did not show up the next day and return the money,we have no choice but to take legal actions. the next day we went to some travel agency nearby our hotel and asked them whether they know this girl or not. They replied us that this girl is a conman and had cheated alot of people. She even got onto the local newspaper once. She didnt show up as expected and we decided to make a police report on this issue. The receipt she gave us are all fake,the company name, company address and company phone number are all fake. We tried to call the number but it led us to a hardware shop. On 29th July 2014 we received a call from an travel agency, they told us that there's another group of people are being cheated by this tomboy on that morning. We would like to share this experience out and gain awareness about this issue. Beware of this tomboy and this kind of fraud.

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