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Justice the Keadilan way

 | August 15, 2014
PAS has a valid reason for asking why Khalid must be removed.
anwar khalid300The issue is not that PAS wants Khalid Ibrahim retained as the Selangor Menteri Besar. The issue is why he must be removed. That is what PAS is concerned about.
Khalid had already served one term from 2008 to 2013. Then PKR and Anwar Ibrahim thought it appropriate to allow Khalid a second term because he had done a good job. Suddenly, a few months later, it is said that Khalid is not doing a good job after all and must be removed.
When the decision was made to appoint Khalid as the Menteri Besar, it was a Pakatan Rakyat decision. However, when it came to his removal, it was solely a PKR decision. As Rafizi Ramli admitted, not only were DAP and PAS not consulted, many PKR leaders were kept in the dark as well.
This makes a mockery of the so-called Pakatan Rakyat consensus. It is consensus only when it suits PKR and if it does not then PKR decides on its own. Hence PAS has a valid reason for asking for an explanation as to why Khalid must be removed.
Further, in the appointment of Khalid, all three parties submitted letters to the Sultan saying they endorsed him. The appointment of Dr Wan Azizah Ismail is not being done the same way. PKR decides on the replacement and PAS must agree, it seems.
This is precisely how Umno treats its partners in Barisan Nasional, as Anwar himself has pointed out so many times.
Does PAS have any say? Or must PAS just do what Anwar says.
Another issue is the issue of justice, something Pakatan Rakyat says the government or Barisan Nasional does not respect.
Is Khalid being removed for reasons of misconduct, abuse of power, corruption, etc? If so, then a report to the MACC should be made and SELCAT must hold a hearing to consider the charges against Khalid. Neither was done.
Hence, to PAS, Khalid is being punished without the benefit of a fair trial. No doubt there are certain allegations made against him, but allegations are not proof.
You need to confirm a crime by way of evidence and by giving the chance for the accused to defend himself. PKR is denying Khalid this course of action; so PAS finds it difficult to support his removal.
PAS now has no choice but to go along with things after yesterday’s decision by the 30 state reps to replace Khalid with Dr Wan Azizah. And in doing so, PAS shows that it does not really have any say in Pakatan Rakyat. Then it might as well leave the coalition.
DAP and PKR alone cannot win the general election for Pakatan Rakyat. They need PAS. But because of the way PAS is being treated, the party may be forced to reconsider its marriage with DAP and PKR.
That is what is at stake here.
Roslan Bistamam is an FMT columnist

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