Sunday, August 17, 2014


I am surprised that PKR and Kak Wan are going into the deep blue sea in a dream of hope.
A hope that can turn disaster to someone who claimed 'I AM NO ROSMAH.'
Today she not only share the same greedy stake like Rosmah but also stubborn and selfish, similar to the way she and LGE (DAP) branded MB Khalid to accept the truth.

As long as she lives Kak Wan SIMPLY DOES NOT QUALIFY TO BE MENTERI BESAR OF SELANGOR.  SHE,  HOWEVER IS DEFINITELY MORE QUALIFY THAN LGE TO BE THE CHIEF MINISTER OF PENANG. So why goes again the brick wall?  Very simple.  Her sponsors and Ah Long are only interested in SELANGOR, plus the RM3 Billion is simply too hard to resist.

To re-cap the EPIC so far.
1.  Kak Wan not qualify to be MB of Selangor.
2.  Sponsors and Ah Long are at the doorstep.
3.  Proven DAP hates PAS more than UMNO.
4.  People like Rafizi and Azmin Ali have penetrated INTO PAS COUNCIL.
5.  PKR and DAP are not to be trusted. They have sworn with ill intention their loyalty to the Sultan and State which was proven recently.
6.  PKR and DAP are no difference from UMNO, MCA and MIC.
7.  PKR is arrogance, deceitful and greedy.
8.  Bersih is more political inclined to PKR and DAP.
9.  There are more lawyers who support PKR and DAP.
10. DAP like MCA have no interest for the public except for themselves.
11. Ronnie Liu and Hishamuddin Rais have gangster connection.
12. Murder was planned but was aborted at the last minute.
13. PKR managed to get 30 signatures through money.
14. The highest bribe stand at RM78 million.
15. RM10 million was paid for a certain document to blackmail the Sultan of Selangor.
16. MB Khalid has more right legally to remain as Menteri Besar.
17. Bomohs were called in.
18. Kak Wan has a magic fan that grants her wish.

Writers out there especially Korean writers, this reality show can be turn into a drama series with 105 episodes.

Please bear in mind this show is becoming more interesting by the day to end now.

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