Friday, August 22, 2014

The people inside the crisis


This is what my friends inside the Selangor crisis are saying to me.  To me THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. One can play politic but do no make a mincemeat out of one's dignity.  Today it is MB Khalid tomorrow another victim will be single out.

I wanted PAS to do the right thing even though I knew certain PAS members were offered millions and projects in return for their support for Kak Wan and Azmin Ali.

DAP played a bigger role in this crisis but they were clever enough not to be seen pulling the ropes from behind to their advantage. They knew that this crisis should be seen as a Malay against a Malay.  Since 13th May 1969, DAP has learnt when to fan and when not to fan the fire by hiding their hands.

MB Khalid was naive to think that Selangor is like a corporation where profit is to be make.  He was naive thinking that as a Menteri Besar it is his duty to ensure that the money is properly utilize.  He was also naive thinking that the people whom he helped since 1998 were humans.  Today HE LEARNT HIS LESSON.

My friends inside the crisis said that this was the best opportunity not only to grab the Selangor assets but also to kill off Anwar, Kak Wan and Nurul from the political scene.

Now isn't that nice.

Remember this when Sultan of Selangor comes home tomorrow.

DAP         -  dapat
PAS          -  pau
PKR         -  pergi keluar ramai-ramai

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