Sunday, August 3, 2014

Support needed to teach this bully a lesson

I was a victim of a bully. I was threatened, assaulted and my car was damaged. A Malay man and his wife with two small kids came out from this Alza. I was parked beside this car. The Man swing open his car door and hit my car very hard. The impact made my car shake. I lightly honked the guy to make him aware of my presence. The wife saw what happened and said "Bang, pintu. " He then closed the door and swing it open a second time and hit my car harder this time and said "OOOPS! " sarcastically. He then came to my window and shouted sarcastically, " SORRY AH!! SORRY AH!!" He then walked away and stared back at me and said " kurang ajar." His wife just stood there and laughed. I was so angered, i stayed in the car to get a hold of my emotions. After two minutes, he came out of A&W and went back to his car. He again, Swing open his car door and hit my car very hard! For the THIRD TIME!!! Every ounce of me wanted to swing my door open really hard and dent the crap out of his car. But I controlled myself and got out of my car, took this picture and checked my car for damages. He then wind down his window and said " oh, calar ya? Kereta you Sudah buruk lah! Kalau kereta I langgar kereta you, bumper you pun jatuh! So tak payah la nak buat hal besar sangat." In anger, I replied " Sudah calar you nak bayar ke?!" He then wind up his window, knowing I was standing in front of his wing mirror, he still reversed, and his wing mirror hit my right arm, throwing me to the left, hitting my own car. He then showed me the thumbs up sign as if saying "Good for you!" His wife, yet again, sitting in the back seat, laughed as the encouraging his acts. I was so angered! I felt bullied, discriminated, weak, and helpless. Just because I am a lady, and I am petite, doesn't give anyone at all the right to treat me this way! I believe no human deserves to be treated as such, despite of your status, color, or gender. Many Malaysians would let this pass. "Aiyah! Small matter only!" But it isn't to me! U would not understand the emotions that I had to go through until you experience it yourself. I will see this through and make sure I get the justice that I deserve.

Celine Yap

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